The BRLs help you balance the skills needed in a project

The Business Readiness Levels, in combination with Technology Readiness Levels, helps project managers to understand any mis-balances between technical and business skills.

In order to complete any project in the most efficient time scales, you need to know where to focus. Focus should extend to the effort required, but also to the skills needed on a project team – especially when employing a Lean, or Agile management philosophy.
Considering the balance of BRL and TRL allows you to check where effort is needed – and address it quickly.
There are three scenarios above:
  • High BRL with low TRL
  • Low BRL with high TRL
  • Well balanced BRL and TRL
If the venture strays outside the ‘well balanced innovation’ zone, then more focus in needed to on the aspect which will re-balance it – like a football team focusing on defence, or attack in different phases of the game.
Staying withing the ‘well balanced project’ zone – relatively even BRL and TRL allows maximum efficiency in getting to market.

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