What are the Business Readiness Levels?

There are 9 Business Readiness Levels – from idea to fully embedded business

BRL1: Concept

The first idea of a venture or an innovation
Tools to consider: Innovation Story Canvas

BRL2: Problem-Solution fit

The problem has been identified and the proposed solution will address it
Tools to consider: Value Proposition Canvas and Manual Thinking

BRL3: Build team and Plan

The skills required are known and a team is formed

BRL4: Customer Definition

Customer segment is known and well defined, including customer characteristics
Tools to consider: Where to play and Business Model Canvas

BRL5: Hypothesis testing

Having a list of hypotheses which can be tested

BRL6: Minimum Viable Product

Business Readiness Level 6 can be characterised as: Having released an MVP

BRL7: Feedback

The feedback loop of features which are developed alongside early adopters and customers

BRL8: Scale

A product or service has been developed beyond an MVP stage

BRL9: Fully Embedded business

A business model or venture that is fully embedded in a market (or many markets)
Tools to consider: Wardley Mapping

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